Angel offers speaking/training sessions ranging from 45 minutes to 5 hours, focusing on teaching the audience the fundamentals of the DISC model of human behavior. Each session is tailored based on three key factors:

  • Audience size
  • Intended key message
  • Duration of the session

Angel is a dynamic presenter who provides valuable insights on effective communication with different personality types. She empowers her audience to enhance team dynamics, resolve conflicts, maximize potential, make successful hires, boost sales, excel in leadership, improve relationships, and more! By incorporating various learning methods and ensuring interactive sessions, Angel guarantees that her presentations are engaging and impactful for audiences of any size. Reach out to Angel today for an enlightening experience on personality dynamics!

Here is just a sample of the types of trainings Angel offers:

Personality Profiles 101

This course provides an in-depth exploration of the four fundamental personality types through a blend of diverse learning techniques in a relaxed and welcoming setting. The curriculum allows for a DISC Personality Assessment for each student (extra fee), along with various activities that promote class involvement and engagement. Participants delve into the strengths and challenges associated with each personality type, actively participating in team demonstrations to apply their newfound knowledge. By understanding and appreciating diverse personality types, students also learn effective communication strategies tailored to each type. Within just 60 seconds of initial interaction, students master identifying different personality types, enhancing their ability to achieve optimal outcomes when engaging with new customers.

Furthermore, students gain insight into their own Personality Assessment, enabling them to recognize potential areas of improvement in their lives. This course offers a transformative experience for attendees, benefiting not only their professional connections but also their personal relationships. Packed with valuable information and practical tips, this course stands out as an engaging, powerful, and effective resource for leveraging understanding of various personality types. Optional reference materials are provided for ongoing self-paced learning according to individual preferences and interests. All teachings on personality types are rooted in the DiSC personality assessment system.

Course Length – Approx. 5 Hours (varies by class size)

Personality Management 101

This course is essential for individuals in management, leadership, or ownership roles. Personality Management 101 provides comprehensive training on how to navigate the various challenges of effectively leading a team with diverse personality types. These challenges encompass tasks such as recruiting suitable candidates, crafting job ads tailored to attract specific personalities, maintaining motivation for peak productivity, and communicating tasks efficiently to different personality types to enhance job performance.

Students will receive detailed and engaging information to help them optimize their office operations. By implementing the strategies learned in the course, students can expect to see immediate improvements in their office environment.

Optional supplementary materials are available for further self-paced learning based on individual preferences. The course content is centered around the DiSC personality assessment system for understanding different personality types. Additional supplements are available to increase experiential learning such as personality assessments and booklets.


Course Length – 3 Hours (varies by class size)

You’ve Got Personality!

This Christian-centered session aims to enhance family communication by delving into personality types. Drawing parallels with Biblical figures, participants will grasp how God utilized diverse personalities throughout history to fulfill His plans. The course features engaging activities for an optimal learning experience and covers the strengths and challenges of the four personality types in an accessible manner.

Attendees will learn to identify the personality types of family members and gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of their loved ones. Practical guidance and comprehensive training are provided to improve communication and relationships. This course stands out as a leading program in family personality profiling, promising transformative impacts for all participants. Family-wide participation, starting from age 13, is highly recommended. Teens can also benefit, with tailored content available upon request. The teachings are rooted in the DiSC personality assessment system, with supplementary resources available for purchase, including a personality assessment and workbook to enrich the learning process.

Course Length -3 Hours (varies by class size)

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Leanne Bonning

I am already practicing what you preached. I've already fixed my husband, my kids, and now I am working on my grandkids...JOKING! But yes, I am using the knowledge. Thank you for a great session.

Keith Quigley

Angel Tucker’s presentation was terrific.
She has a great understanding on how each personality works in all situations and is able to demonstrate that verbally, physically, and with great expression. She also understands how each personality interacts with the other and is able to bring it to life for the class.

Bob Lamb

Your training has changed my life.Knowing that I am a strong type “D” personality, it has helped me understand my impatience with others when I want to “get to the point and move on” in discussions. I try to be more understanding in this regard.

Leisa Toops

Angel’s training taught me a new way to understand others.

I’ve had a hard time with “D” personalities (even though I was married to one) because I always thought they should not be rude, mean, sarcastic, etc. to other people. I am going back to the office with a new attitude to handle “D” personalities. Thank You!


Petra Quinn

I have met Angel about 15 years ago! She is a fantastic coach, and amazing personality profiler.

Trecia Cooke

Angel's trainings and information are just what you need to advance your business and have success. Highly recommend!

James Marble

Angel Tucker is the "Absolute Best"

I have been in three trainings with Angel in four years. She provides so much insight into everything she teaches and really helped me out with understanding how to communicate in a more effective way. Her teaching and training methods are clear and easy to follow, and she makes it way more fun than it should be.

Mia Diercks

I took a class with Angel few years ago for the DISC personalities and she was great. Very interesting and helpful! Would do it again to improve.

Danielle Hoodless

I have participated in Angel Tucker’s branded curriculum for years and am always impressed with the quality and depth of each aspect of the courses and resources.

Whether you’re participating in a class, online reports and resources, reading her bestselling books or any other venture, you’ll be pleasantly satisfied with the results and will be returning for more resources.

Natalie Olmsted

Personality Profiles has helped me grow my business. I am more aware of my personality strengths and weaknesses when working with others. Most of all, I am able to easily see the personality of my clients and work to their strengths to help build better relationships. Thank you, Angel, and Personality Profiles.

Thomas Reid

One of the best trainers in the business. I have taken her numerous times and I learn something new everytime. If you have an opportunity to take her training, don't miss out. It is well worth it in your business and personal life.

Roger Kopernik

Angel Tucker has been a blessing to our corporation. Her ability to capture an audience is excellent and second to none. Understanding how different personalities think and work has been invaluable. Her public speaking training is also on a level par with the best. I highly recommend Angel.

Stephanie Lambrecht

Angel’s insights are so valuable! She’s done all the training and research for you with the DISC personality profiles. Our office is using her videos to help us work better with buyers and sellers! I highly recommend!

Drea Bailey

Angel Tuckers DISC training has literally changed my life! After learning about the different personalities, I no longer think my husband is being difficult on's just his nature! The knowledge gained from the DISC training is applicable to all parts of life - work, family, friendships. It truly has made a difference for the better.