The DISC Model of Behavior originated from William Moulton Marston’s theoretical work, a Harvard Ph.D., outlined in his 1928 book, “The Emotions of Normal People,” introducing a psychology system using the DISC acronym. While not the first model of human behavior (Hippocrates touched on temperaments), today’s assessment systems are primarily linked to either DISC or Myers Briggs, developed by Carl Jung.

Where do you fit in the DISC Model of Behavior? Remember, you possess traits from all four types! Research indicates that most people are dominant in two types, but some are equal in all four, known as being “level.”

In the DISC Model, two personality types are OUTGOING – represented by “D” and “I,” while the other two are RESERVED – represented by “S” and “C.” Additionally, two types are TASK-ORIENTED – “D” and “C,” and two are PEOPLE-oriented – “I” and “S.” If you are OUTGOING and TASK-ORIENTED, you mainly fall into the “D” type. Keep in mind that you exhibit characteristics from all four types. Refer below for detailed descriptions of each type and the corresponding letter they represent!

“D” or Dominant Types:

This personality type is outgoing, strong minded, and daring! They believe you should lead, follow, or get out of the way! Here are others words to describe them:

Defiant – (their challenge)

“I” or Inspiring Types:

This personality type is outgoing and loves to have fun. They don’t have to worry about going to a party. They take the party with them everywhere they go! “I”s are:

Illogical – (their challenge)

“S” or Supportive Types:

This personality type is more reserved, but still people oriented. They want to know why we can’t just all get along. They love peace and harmony! “S” types are:

Sucker – (their challenge)

“C” or Cautious Types:

This personality type is a perfectionist in nature. If you’re going to do it, do it right! They believe in quality over quantity! “C” types are also:

Critical Thinking
Compliance Wanting
Cold – (their challenge)


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Enjoy exploring the world of DISC personality types and always let your personality shine!

Leanne Bonning

I am already practicing what you preached. I've already fixed my husband, my kids, and now I am working on my grandkids...JOKING! But yes, I am using the knowledge. Thank you for a great session.

Keith Quigley

Angel Tucker’s presentation was terrific.
She has a great understanding on how each personality works in all situations and is able to demonstrate that verbally, physically, and with great expression. She also understands how each personality interacts with the other and is able to bring it to life for the class.

Bob Lamb

Your training has changed my life.Knowing that I am a strong type “D” personality, it has helped me understand my impatience with others when I want to “get to the point and move on” in discussions. I try to be more understanding in this regard.

Leisa Toops

Angel’s training taught me a new way to understand others.

I’ve had a hard time with “D” personalities (even though I was married to one) because I always thought they should not be rude, mean, sarcastic, etc. to other people. I am going back to the office with a new attitude to handle “D” personalities. Thank You!


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I have met Angel about 15 years ago! She is a fantastic coach, and amazing personality profiler.

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I took a class with Angel few years ago for the DISC personalities and she was great. Very interesting and helpful! Would do it again to improve.

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Angel Tuckers DISC training has literally changed my life! After learning about the different personalities, I no longer think my husband is being difficult on purpose...it's just his nature! The knowledge gained from the DISC training is applicable to all parts of life - work, family, friendships. It truly has made a difference for the better.