Tasha Beckman
EXIT Mosaic Realty

DISC360 is the Bomb!
Jenny Carr
EXIT Realty Landmark

Diane Martino
Franchisee, Alabama

As long time users of the Personality Profile Assessments- we were excited back when the first DISC training recordings came out. We played them each month in our sales meeting and it really opened the door to personality conversation in real life situations!

But when we heard about your new DISC-360 program… we couldn’t wait to sign up! (Just the lifetime discounts on the personality assessments was worth it because we use these for every incoming agent to our company.) And we were also excited at the prospect of the new program. But when we actually received the training platform – we were blown away at how easy it was to use and how the trainings are so much more detailed with great lessons for the everyday real estate activities we’re involved in! We would highly recommend the Angel Tucker DISC 360+ Program!!!

Sue Lyon

Broker/Owner/Manager , EXIT Realty Lyon

“The DISC360+ has been so well crafted, each video is easy to follow, broken into sections with specific content/topics. Angel is such an engaging and talented speaker, always presents the information in an interesting, concise and attention grabbing manner. I can’t praise the DISC system enough. It has made a difference to our agents understanding DISC for themselves as well as working with their clients to best service their needs. Thank you Angel! Keep up the great work!”
Chris Papas

Manager of Development & Training , EXIT Realty Liftlock Brokerage

Our office recently subscribed to the Using DiSC system and so far, so good! After our first training, our agents were impressed with the training video (which includes a worksheet) and very receptive to the program.

As owners, we are excited to have an easy to use, built in training system not only for DiSC personalities, but real estate topics as well. Everything is nicely packaged and easy to use!

Thanks Angel!

Jodi Teige & Alissa Prentice

Co-Owners, EXIT Midstate Realty

This program is a MUST HAVE for those not only in business, but also for those looking to create more meaningful relationships with clear communication. As someone who has completed the DISC Training a few times, it has been immensely helpful in allowing me to understand myself more; as well has been imperative to understanding the different personality types I come across everyday. The production quality and the inclusion of extra resources (weekly tip videos, worksheets) allows me to not only further educate myself but also other agents in the office. Angel is thorough in detail and is able to relate personality traits to real world situations we, as people, come across almost on a daily basis. This program is a benefit to all, whether you are a new to the business or a veteran, there is something for everyone to learn!

Dylan Todd

Administrator, EXIT Coastal Real Estate Pros.

Keith Quigley

Angel Tucker’s presentation was terrific.She has a great understanding on how each personality works in all situations and is able to demonstrate that verbally, physically, and with great expression. She also understands how each personality interacts with the other and is able to bring it to life for the class.

Amie Larsen

Angel does a fabulous job of nailing each personality.

She is very entertaining and presents the information in a way that is easy to understand each personality and how we can identify each one. My personal relationships have improved since learning about the personalities and how I can understand how others think and function.

Bob Lamb

Your training has changed my life.Knowing that I am a strong type “D” personality, it has helped me understand my impatience with others when I want to “get to the point and move on” in discussions. I try to be more understanding in this regard.

Leisa Toops

Angel’s training taught me a new way to understand others.

I’ve had a hard time with “D” personalities (even though I was married to one) because I always thought they should not be rude, mean, sarcastic, etc. to other people. I am going back to the office with a new attitude to handle “D” personalities. Thank You!