Adult LEADERSHIP English Version (65 pages)


It’s time to discover YOU!

What are your natural strengths and challenges?

What’s your communication style?

What words best describe you?

You’ll discover all this and more in our easy to read assessment report! You’ll also receive “Keys to Excellence”. This is a section that gives you quick tips to help you improve! We even reveal how you do on a team! You’ll also find out your main strength!

When you apply the insights from your assessment into your daily life you can achieve:

  •  *Increased Business
  •  *Better Team Building
  •  *Less Conflict
  •  *Meaningful Relationships

Now’s the time! Get your assessment at this awesome price! You’ll LOVE the results!

This Discovery Report is our most comprehensive personality test (assessment) product. You will receive a 50-page report.

Note: This product may take up to 24 hours to receive.




This 65-page Leadership version will help you be more effective as a leader. It uses a very intuitive leadership model that is easy to apply as you lead others. It shows you how to adapt your leadership style to other styles with specific “how-to” guides. If leadership is important to you, then you will especially like this version that is designed just for leaders. Your report will include:

  1. Words that describe you
  2. Your strengths
  3. Keys to excellence
  4. Your value on a team
  5. Your DISC personality graphs
  6. Introduction to DISC
  7. Your communication style
  8. Your basic behavior style and preferences
  9. Your decision-making style
  10. Insights to boost your growth
  11. Insights for long-term growth
  12. Enhanced charts
  13. Chart: High and low traits
  14. Chart: Reading others
  15. Tips to remember with each style
  16. How to relate to each style
  17. Perceptions for each style
  18. Extended graph detail section
  19. Introduction to new leadership model
  20. Leadership patterns and positions
  21. Guide to Leading a Dominant (D) Person
  22. Guide to Leading an Inspiring (I) Person
  23. Guide to Leading a Supportive (S) Person
  24. Guide to Leading a Cautious (C) Person

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