Four Pals at the Circus (Hard Cover)


Our newest book in the Four Pals series, this book features Iris! Come along as the kids enjoy a day at the circus and see how they each think, feel, and act differently based on their personality type! This is Book 2 in Series 2. These books are designed for children ages 3-9 to teach them two important things:

1. Understand how to recognize someone's personality quickly so you can get along instantly
2. It's okay to be different from other people and still be friends!

We hope you will take your kids on the fun adventures in this series!

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2 reviews for Four Pals at the Circus (Hard Cover)

  1. Erica

    I LOVE these books! I have given them to clients and to family and they are so educational and fun! Just today, I asked my four year old niece, which character from Four Pals is most like Aunt Erica? She immediately responded, Iris, (High I). Anyone who knows me would agree that she was spot on. I then asked which character is most like mommy? Again, she immediately responded, she is kind of like Summer (High S) and kind of like Charlie (High C). It has been over a month since we have read any of these books to her, yet she still remembers. Earlier this afternoon her mommy and I, who knows very little about the DISC method, were just discussing DISC and Shayna was playing outside & her mommy coined herself as an S/C. These books are fabulous and I would highly recommend them buying them for parents or teachers with young children. It is amazing that kids can grasp this concept and such a young age as a result of such a fantastic book.


  2. Brad

    The Four Pals series is so great! I bought them about a year ago from one of the authors, Angel Tucker, when I saw her speak in person. She said that kids love these books, and she is right. Reading them with my 3 year old helped him understand himself, and they helped me understand him better as well. The books also helped him begin to understand other personalities and their unique characteristics. Instead of just thinking everyone in the world should be like him (strong personality, Dominant characteristics), he can begin to appreciate others’ unique qualities.


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