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The Four Pals Series includes 8 hardcover books. There are 4 books in Series 1 and 4 books in Series 2. This is the second book in Series 1.

The NEW Four Pals Series features the 4 Personality Styles in story form. They are written especially for children to understand and relate to each one of the four different personality styles. Each book has a NEW BONUS SECTION in the back so you can learn all about the “Keys to the heart of your child”. New sections also include the following additional information: Key Characteristics, Value to the Family or their Group, The Danger Zone, Communication Key, Encouragement Key and much more!

FOUR PALS AT THE ZOO – spotlights Iris, who is the Inspiring type. Her other qualities are Influencing, Involved, Impressive, Interesting, Imaginative, and Impulsive. Iris is a bundle of energy who is all about having fun and that is exactly what she and her friends experience as they visit all of the animals at the zoo.


~It has been enormously helpful for our family to understand the concept of personalities. Our eleven children have been better equipped to understand themselves and each other through the ‘DISC’ concept. Each of the Four Pals books are creatively written and illustrated to bring personality styles to life. Don’t just read these books to your kids, jump in and explore them together!


Patrick and Christie Pettibon – Texas – Parents of 11 uniquely designed children!


~Delightful stories will capture children’s imagination and attention as the identify with the characters and deepen their understanding of the four basic personality styles. As a result, they’ll better determine why they think and act the way they do, offering the positive reinforcement and self-esteem that every child needs!

Susan Crook, M.A., C.H.B.C – Kansas – Award -winning Author/Speaker – Personality Insights for Moms, WINNER- “Best Parenting Book of the Year” Award.


~ The Four Pals series of books for children wonderfully reflect the unique differences and gifts that God has given each of us. If children are taught an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of these differences during their early years of development, they will be more successful in subsequent relationships with friends, family members, and in the world of business.

Glenda C. Thorne, Ph.D. – Louisiana – Child Psychologist


~ These books are in insightful, creative presentation of the personality types. They are well-written and present clear distinctions that elementary age children will understand and to which they will relate. I believe this series can be used by teachers and parents alike to gain understanding on how to best work with and get the most out of their students and children. I believe that Children that are exposed to this material will be better equipped to get along with others regardless of their personalities. This series will help children learn that some things are not wrong, they are different.

Peter D. Smith– Georgia – School Principal

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3 reviews for Four Pals at the Zoo (Hard Cover)

  1. Erica

    I LOVE these books! I have given them to clients and to family and they are so educational and fun! Just today, I asked my four year old niece, which character from Four Pals is most like Aunt Erica? She immediately responded, Iris, (High I). Anyone who knows me would agree that she was spot on. I then asked which character is most like mommy? Again, she immediately responded, she is kind of like Summer (High S) and kind of like Charlie (High C). It has been over a month since we have read any of these books to her, yet she still remembers. Earlier this afternoon her mommy and I, who knows very little about the DISC method, were just discussing DISC and Shayna was playing outside & her mommy coined herself as an S/C. These books are fabulous and I would highly recommend them buying them for parents or teachers with young children. It is amazing that kids can grasp this concept and such a young age as a result of such a fantastic book.


  2. Brad

    The Four Pals series is so great! I bought them about a year ago from one of the authors, Angel Tucker, when I saw her speak in person. She said that kids love these books, and she is right. Reading them with my 3 year old helped him understand himself, and they helped me understand him better as well. The books also helped him begin to understand other personalities and their unique characteristics. Instead of just thinking everyone in the world should be like him (strong personality, Dominant characteristics), he can begin to appreciate others’ unique qualities.


  3. Stacie

    Four Pals Book Series (An Adventure with Friends who are Different) by Angel Tucker and Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D. are essential to creating a better understanding of the four personality types as well as showing children that it’s okay to be different.

    Four Pals at the Park is Book 1 in the series and highlights David who is the “Dominant D.” David likes to be in charge and at times may seem a bit bossy.

    Four Pals at the Zoo is Book 2 in the series and focuses on Iris who is the “Inspiring I.” Iris is optimistic and outgoing, but can be a little forgetful since she’s always in a hurry.

    Four Pals at a Party is Book 3 in the series and teaches readers about Summer, the “Supportive S.” Summer loves to help others and is pleasant to be around. Sometimes she struggles to make decisions.

    Four Pals in Science Class is Book 4 in the series and describes Charlie, the “Cautious C.” Charlie likes to maintain a routine and pays close attention to detail. Charlie also asks a lot of questions and is comfortable being alone.

    Parents will learn a lot about the varying personalities enabling them to better understand why their children act in certain ways thus, helping their children thrive in the personality God has given them. Children will take pleasure in each of the books in The Four Pals Book Series and have fun discovering which character they most resemble.


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